The assignment to the ghostwriter

When does ghostwriting come into question for me?

Customers who first contact a ghostwriter know little about his or her job, much less about their own role in their work process. The following considerations should help.

What does a text job look like to a ghost? Such an order includes topic, style and content information, and the delivery date. Customers can make the work much easier for the ghostwriter already in this first phase and at the same time prevent misunderstandings and difficulties.

This is done by providing as much information as possible – including, where available, accurate content and bibliographies. Also helpful are the texts created by the customer, which can serve as a template for the style and structure.

Added to this are all thoughts and ideas that deal not only with the content of the text, but also with its structure, the possible formulations up to the specialized vocabulary. In short, everything that has already been written about the text and the text, sketchy or formulated, spoken on tape or already published. In case of doubt, too many should be delivered as too little information.

The scheduling has a significant importance: The ghostwriter must have enough time to read the topic, to ask questions to understanding or writing style to the customer and to acquire the necessary skills to write the text competent and well-worded.

The task of the ghostwriter is based entirely on the specifications of the customer. Ideally, the mind gives the client his own voice, but also puts him in a position to retain the maximum control over the text.

The customer goes through the texts and annotates them. Some customers prefer close cooperation with the mind, some lack the time for it. However, it can be expected that more extensive communication significantly contributes to meeting customer expectations of the texts.

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