Ghostwriting: “What’s up?”

The title is not just a trip to the youth language, but a legitimate and necessary question. Because there are things that work well. There are things that work just like that. And there are things that do not work.

An example: A customer wants a scientific paper on the question of German development aid for South American countries. The work should comprise 100 pages and be available within two weeks. Apart from the title and a vague question, there is no structure yet.

The job is undoubtedly difficult, but not impossible to do. Development aid is a topic that has been sufficiently documented in the scientific literature. For a skilled ghostwriter with a background, studying sources and writing the good seven pages a day should not be an insurmountable hurdle. To accomplish this, however, the literature must be procured extremely quickly – as a copy or digitally.

Works that are not available on site should be ordered on day one of the order. For example, for book supplies from the US or the UK, the risk of delays is greater than for domestic deliveries. Document delivery services such as charge higher prices for commercial customers, such as ghostwriters and text agencies.

If an express surcharge is added, the price continues to increase accordingly. Quickly, some essays over one hundred euros are due for the delivery – the services of the agencies and the actual letter not yet included.

At times of extreme difficulty, a team of ghostwriters can also step in and divide up the work. However, those who want to save themselves and their scribe work, costs and stress, should give the order early and, if possible, already provide ideas and references. In this way, not only the costs remain within limits, but the results of the work will also be closer to the customer’s ideas.

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