Experience as a strength in the placement of ghostwriters

The information is now an integral part of any economic activity. The Internet has at least created the theoretical prerequisites, approaching the “perfect market” with constantly available information and fast reaction times. Ghostwriting, however, is not an ordinary service.

Who buys a product can compare the data, delivery times and prices with just a few clicks. For complex services such as ghostwriting, the comparison is difficult. If you expect more from a text than just formal and formal correctness, you have to rely on your feelings when selecting the agency, and you have to trust that the agency will be in the position to hire the right ghostwriter.

At this point, the experience of the agencies comes into play: A novice in the provision of text services may not yet have a powerful network that can handle even unusual text orders quickly and discreetly. No writing lone fighter is able to cover all topics.

If customers are not lucky enough to find a suitable ghostwriter, an agency that has many employees is a good choice. However, employee numbers are not verifiable (although they may be priced somewhat generously on some websites), they also say nothing about the quality of the ghostwriter or the ability of the mediator to find the right scribe.

There is no “satisfaction guarantee” for texts, especially in the academic field. However, there is a motto that established companies use: to carefully select the authors and to oblige them to design the text to the best of their knowledge and belief in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

It also means being courteous if the customer is dissatisfied despite the efforts of the agency and ghostwriter. All this makes up the strengths of a discreet agency, which – as usual in this industry – unfortunately can hardly rely on being recommended by satisfied customers.

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