Agency or individual ghostwriter?

A fundamental decision

One of the many questions that arise when looking for a suitable ghostwriter is whether a ghostwriter is hired as a “lone fighter” or an agency is to be consulted as a mediator. The following thoughts may apply here as a decision aid:

How much time can be invested in the search? Theoretically, it is possible to obtain comprehensive information about the services and to deal precisely with the conditions and prices. In practice, however, price comparison is firstly difficult and, secondly, it is not particularly meaningful for demanding texts: every ghostwriter has one or more specialist emphases and an individual style.

Whether a text is good (i.e., made to the satisfaction of the customer) depends to a large extent on these factors. A comparison would be very time consuming for the client and could only be accomplished with longer text samples.

How does it matter to find the right ghostwriter? There are many qualified writers. If the topic is very general and the writing style plays only a minor role, then the range of suitable ghosts is great. On the other hand, for very specific topics, or for texts with a creative-essayistic claim, it is very important that the mind has a suitable educational background and that the style meets the exact expectations of the customer. Accordingly, choosing the right ghostwriter is more important.

Agencies have the advantage that they have a higher number of employees, so they are more likely to find a suitable writer for the job (which must be free at the time!). On the other hand, however, there are commission payments. If you want to invest little effort in the search, who would like to have a very specific topic quickly and competently processed, should usually be in better hands with an agency.

Individual ghostwriters are eligible for most of the articles and texts and, ideally, have exactly the training required in the specific case. Some writers are even multi-talented, with an astonishing repertoire of themes in your writing styles.

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